Donor Spotlight

Welcome to our Donor Spotlight. Each month we will introduce a donor of ours and let them tell you how The Broad Stage plays a role in their life and why they donate.

Adrienne Forst is a TBS donor, volunteer and Chair of the Members Circle.
I was born and raised in Los Angeles long before there were freeways, when Sepulveda and Sunset Boulevards had fields of poinsettias, and Barrington Avenue in Brentwood had a series of small sheep ranches. I attended UCLA and taught elementary school music classes. My three children were also born and raised in Los Angeles but have moved away. My daughter lives in North Yorkshire, England and my two boys live in Orange County. I have a 10 year old grandson and a 23 year old granddaughter who currently lives in New York.

How did you get involved with The Broad Stage?

My very good friend, Barbara Herman, first introduced me to The Broad Stage. She knew how much I love chamber music and insisted I come to a Sunday morning performance of Beethoven, Bagels and Banter. That was the bait that got me involved with the amazing programs that happen at The Broad Stage. Fortunately, I love all music…except hard rock…and found that I was attending more and more performances. From there I decided I wanted to learn more about the programs, events and how I could do to help. 

What is it about The Broad Stage that brings you back again and again?

What brings me back over and over is the variety of programming. I've always loved opera and classical music, which there is plenty of, and when I started to attend the Jazz & Blues series, I discovered I love jazz more than I thought. I found that being a member gave me insight to everything that is presented at The Broad Stage. I also love Broad Fest which allows families to participate in art and music, free of charge, once during the year. I've attended two of these events and realize how valuable it is to the community. Without the arts, our children's lives are not complete.

What is the impact that The Broad Stage has had on your life?

I know that there is a program for me to attend almost every month of the year and sometimes twice a month, depending upon my schedule. Because of the intimacy of The Edye and the wonderful medium-sized main stage, I feel a part of every one of the performances. You also can see that the staff recognizes the regular patrons providing the feeling of inclusion. It’s that feeling of family that makes attending the theater a real pleasure.

Why do you donate to The Broad Stage?

Certainly, I support many worthy causes. But donating to The Broad Stage has become my main focus. The monies donated each year are supplying the community with much-needed quality entertainment and children across Los Angeles County with educational programs. This is my way of making sure programs like this continue to exist for future generations.

Which TBS shows have been the most memorable for you?

This year I really enjoyed the 10th Season Celebration event featuring Josh Groban. Dance Theater of Harlem was also a highlight for me. My favorites are always going to be classical music, whether it's a fabulous soloist, a terrific orchestra, a marvelous opera performance or even a great ballet company. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the 2018-2019 season and seasons to come, knowing that there will always be great programs to attend.

                - Adrienne Forst
                  Chair of the Members Circle
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