Apr 5 - 15, 2018


HAMLET by William Shakespeare
In repertory with
SAINT JOAN by George Bernard Shaw

Location: The Broad Stage - Main Stage
Run Time: HAMLET, April 5 - April 14: three hours & 10 minutes, including two intermissions. SAINT JOAN, April 6 - April 15: three hours, including two intermissions.
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He is a dark, enigmatic prince obsessed with seeking revenge for his father’s death. She is a steadfast rebel who challenged the powers of the church to restore France to greatness. Iconic figures from two great dramatic classics—Hamlet and Saint Joan—are brought vividly to life in two riveting, stripped-down stagings in rotating repertory by four actors from the acclaimed theater company, Bedlam.


Distinctive onstage seating will be available for this special engagement. In each production, some audience members will be seated on risers on the stage for two of the three acts. For the other act, these audience members will be in the rear of the orchestra. Learn more about onstage seating here.

Theatre at The Broad Stage made possible in part by a generous gift from Laurie and Bill Benenson and Susan Stockel.
Directed by Eric Tucker
Set Design by John McDermott
Lighting Design by Les Dickert
Costume/Sound Design by Eric Tucker